Community Partnerships

Through strategic partnerships in the community, we link single mothers with opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them such as employment opportunities, childcare assistance, emergency housing, and education advancement.

Emotional and Spiritual Support

AND provides a supportive environment that encourages emotional and spiritual growth. We do this by creating the support system that is otherwise lacking in the life of many single mothers. Real-life guidance through individual or group mentorship allows moms to acquire self-confidence. Spiritual growth opportunities and prayer experiences invite our mothers into a lively relationship with Jesus Christ.

Financial Assistance

According to the abortion industry’s research arm, the Guttmacher Institute has found that a woman’s number one reason for seeking an abortion is financial. Most of the time, the mothers we serve are unemployed, and sometimes they’re still in school. In virtually all cases, they are scared about their future and the prospect of financially providing for a child. AND exists to combat a society that holds single mothers prisoner to these circumstances.

What we do

We assist mothers in breaking down the barriers that prevent her from realizing her God-given potential. We seek to help moms break harmful cycles and regain hope for the future. By providing her with the support she needs, she is able to rediscover the woman God intends for her to be.

Who we come alongside

AND walks with single moms during their time of greatest need. AND serves pregnant women and women who have young children.

How we do it

AND seeks to activate the community by building strategic relationships with the local community, businesses, churches, and individuals. These relationships allow us to link single mothers with a diverse array of supports.